Women’s Waterproof Jacket

If you live in the U.K - you own a waterproof jacket. It’s just the way it is. Yet, how many of those waterproof jackets are ashamedly stuffed to the back of the closet or tossed into the car boot without any care because they either underperform or downgrade your look? 

Your waterproof jacket shouldn't be something you...

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Hiking Leggings

If you’re the outdoorsy type but don’t yet own a pair of hiking leggings because you think your gym leggings are suitably fine, you are mistaken. We’re sorry to say -  actually, no we’re not - gym leggings just don't cut it in the outdoors. 

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Women’s Leggings

ACAI’s women’s leggings are not your typical leggings. We know this because our in-house team spent hundreds of hours wear-testing, deliberating and devising solutions to overcome everyday annoyances. 

The ambition was to introduce a women’s legging to the market that could be relied upon in everyday scenarios but also adapt to alternate lifestyles and individual shapes. 


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Thermal Leggings

ACAI thermal leggings: invented for outdoorsy women who love to be in nature but face barriers when it comes to the style, fit and performance of their outdoor garments.

That’s how our thermal leggings came about. As a direct consideration of the predicament above. The time had come to...

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Leggings are a lifeline, when it comes to comfort and versatility. Modern and innovative materials make them snug and functional while their wide acceptance in society’s fashion environments make them the number one legwear choice for women. 

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Walking Trousers

Walking trousers is where it all began for ACAI. It was apparent that there was a need for stylish, durable and comfortable walking trousers in the outdoor wear market. So, we got to work.

Fuelled by a passion for the outdoors and the want to access nature’s playground in attire that...

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Behold the Boxing Day Walk

Team ACAI will be out in force on Boxing Day. Adorning ACAI attire, retracing Outdoorsing Club footsteps and making the most of this increasingly popular Christmas time activity.

We’d love it if you felt inspired to do the same. The Boxing Day walk provides an opportunity for escapism, exercise and enjoyment. In this article, we’ll offer you...

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Rambling from Fangs Brow to Loweswater

Following on from Walking Werneth Low, as part of our admiration for regional walks, we’re pursuing paths even further afield into the north west. This time we’re shining an ACAI light on the county of Cumbria. Not that it needs it.

Bestowed in beauty, Cumbria (the home of...

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Cold Weather Clothes for Cosy Winter Walks

It’s November. Christmas is around the corner (as is the cold weather). Therefore, there’s only one thing to do: ask for new cold weather clothes from Santa. Although, Christmas could come early, if you wanted to treat yourself sooner.

Seasonally, winter is a wonderful time of year for hiking and walking and with the correct cold weather attire,...

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ACAI x Adventure Queens Community Partnership Launched

Sharing a passion for supporting women in the outdoors, discover ACAI’s latest Community Partnership with a women’s walking group...

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ACAI launches the Outdoorsing Fund in support of women’s community groups

We’re passionate about our purpose here at ACAI. Read one of the ways we’re inspiring women to get outdoors...

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ACAI Announces first Community Partnership with Blaze Trails

ACAI’s mission to inspire more women to get outdoors is being strengthened by carefully selected partnerships. Read about the first with a mothers’ walking group here...

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Welcoming The Wet Weather

ACAI embraces the wet weather. We love it. How much do we love it? Well, queue the thunderously dramatic soundtrack as we ride rainstorms all the way to the mountain tops where dark clouds accumulate, with our arms wide open in hope of a hug from the rain! That much.

We’ve got the wet weather attitude and...

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Hiking Tips for The ACAI Outdoorsing Club & Beyond

You proved us right. Outdoorsing is a thing. Our packed out events prove it. Since the induction of the ACAI Outdoorsing Club this October, the feel good factor has definitely helped everyone involved hike-up the ante.

As part of the Outdoorsing movement,...

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Wanderlust North Wales

North Wales is awash with alternative terrains and landscapes that offer up unbelievable views and insights to the hidden treasures of its outstanding nature and wildlife.

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All Things Thermal

All of a sudden, the air turns crisp and your toes curl inwards. No, this is not the beginning of a horror novel. Although, for many of us, the mere thought of winter can send shivers down our spine and turn us instantly into an icicle.

Cryophobia (the fear of extreme cold) has to be combatted. That’s...

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Walking Groups Near Me

Given the fact that the average person walks around 65,000 miles in their lifetime, you may think that a triple trip around the globe would be enough of a commitment but, due to environmental, lifestyle and health circumstances, we ought to step it up.

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Walking into Autumn with ACAI

If you’re clinging on to the last shreds of summer sun and putting off outdoor adventures until that first leaf has fallen and it’s officially autumn, let it be known that the Autumn Equinox (beginning of Autumn) is officially on the 23rd September!

Admittedly, summer walks can be a bit stifling and somewhat energy sapping, so we...

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Walking Werneth Low

Truth be told, we get well and truly overwhelmed with giddiness when our ACAI adventurers share their whereabouts with us on social media. You lot get everywhere don’t you? It’s amazing to see. So, in true ACAI spirit, we thought we’d work our way across the regions and introduce you to some walking hot spots in your area.

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Hiking Clothes - Designed by Women for Women

We know what it’s like to be turned-off by search results for ‘fashionable hiking outfits’ and ‘stylish walking clothes’. So, back in 2017, our girl gang set about putting a stop to the ‘shrink and pink’ attire on display, in favour of outdoorwear a little more remarkable than redundant.

Embracing the uniqueness...

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The What, Where & Why of Wild Swimming.

Pack away the paddling pool -  it’s time to dip your toe into the more adventurous outdoor activity of wild swimming.

Whether you favour the ferocity of the front-crawl or prefer floating around aimlessly, the UK is home to some of the most awe-inspiring wild swimming spots. Take your pick from plunge pools, remote rivers and lavish lakes...

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Camping Clothes

Camping clothes are not a category that celebrate consistency or conformity. Not yet, anyway. Instead, they tend to be a collection of tired items sacrificed by an individual surrendering to the smell of campfire smoke and smudges of tomato sauce.

While some of us have a concealed compartment assigned only to camping clothes, (a dedicated drawer where the...

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National Allotment Week with The Heritage Organic Seed Company

Growing your own food is a great activity to get you outside and into the fresh air and the best bit is that you really don’t need to have the proverbial ‘green thumb’, it is accessible to all ages and abilities and contrary to popular belief you don’t even need a lot of outdoor space or any fancy equipment! 


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Actually, What is Camping?

Besides from anxiety inducing, because of the prospect of spending a holiday living between a few sheets of polyester, camping is actually quite a broad and complex category. It’s one that must be fully understood and appreciated before discounting it or instantly associating it with dread.

In essence, camping is a form of escapism from everyday life. Yes,...

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Summer Hiking Outfits

Whilst your summer wardrobe may well have been underway shortly after the last door on your advent calendar closed at Christmas, today may be the first time ever contemplating a summer hiking outfit (much to our delight!)

Fear not, if you’re a newbie to hiking and summer hiking clothes -...

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What is Hiking? A Beginners Guide.

First and foremost, before you become instantly intimidated by the term ‘hiking’ and  envision expeditions across the arctic, here’s how the English Oxford Dictionary defines hiking: “the activity of going for long walks, especially across country.”

Hiking Outdoors

Our apologies - that statement may have only added to your...

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Thyme to Find Your Inner Peas

When life gives you crap, use it to make a garden! Whether you have a plot of land, a balcony or windowsill; growing herbs, flowers, plants and vegetables help give you a sense of purpose and wellbeing – something that we need in spadesful right now! You can get started with a shed full of tools or a spoon from...

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Thermal Leggings

ACAI thermal leggings: invented for outdoorsy women who love to be in nature but face barriers when it comes to...

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Hiking with a Mooncup - @rianna_kate

Ok, firstly, let’s get something very clear: I am not big advocate of intense exercise or huge mountain days on...

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Make Outdoorsing Fun and Engaging for Young Children - @Sophies_adventures__

Hiking with Kids Hiking with kids can be a joyful experience, but will often include an element of reluctance, particularly...

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Exercise, Nature, Mental Health & ACAI’s Outdoor Clothing - @wanderlust_with_lou

Every 90’s girl and 00’s girl probably knows that quote from the Hannah Montana movie and it turns out it...

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Leggings are a lifeline, when it comes to comfort and versatility. Modern and innovative materials make them snug and functional...

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