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Hiking Leggings

by Laura Barlow on Mar 06, 2023

Hiking Leggings

If you’re the outdoorsy type but don’t yet own a pair of hiking leggings because you think your gym leggings are suitably fine, you are mistaken. We’re sorry to say -  actually, no we’re not - gym leggings just don't cut it in the outdoors. 

What you’re missing out on, besides the unparalleled performance features of ACAI’s hiking leggings, are outdoor leggings that work hard for each individual woman, their contours, their comfort and their confidence!

What to Wear Hiking

Hiking Outfit

When it comes to hiking and decisions regarding what garments to wear, practicality and performance should always come first. Closely followed by fit and comfort. And if outdoor attire can suit your individual style, even better. That was our thinking, anyway. 

You will always have to face the elements when hiking. That’s why it’s important to have hiking clothes that are adaptable and designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor activities and exercise, as well as the weather. 

ACAI’s women’s hiking clothes were designed and developed by women, for women with each of the above considerations at the core. ACAI promises to continue to enhance its outdoorwear in the same vein (without wavering), to give women the ambition and desire to carry on adventuring in the outdoors (without hesitation). 

Women's Hiking Leggings

At first glance, you may think our women’s hiking leggings look like typical gym leggings or yoga pants but, upon closer inspection, you’ll soon realise that they’re geared up to outperform such imposters. 

Our women’s hiking leggings are superior. They apply performance, fit and style in a way that sports leggings can only dream of. Here’s the how and why: 

Style: Close attention is paid to the finer details, giving our women’s hiking leggings little aesthetic lifts. 

Stylish Leggings - ACA

  • Take our colour-ways, for example: Blueberry, Forest Green and Aubergine. Primary colours that appeal to individual styles. Bold enough to inject personality but muted to coordinate with other items you may already have in your wardrobe.
  • Homage is paid to the outdoors (and the brand) with the subtly embroidered mountain sunrise emblems. 

  • A secure zip pocket on the front of the leggings is for storing hiking essentials and other property. It’s a sizable pocket that can fit your iPhone. We know this because we tested it!

Performance: It’s all about the performance of your outdoor gear when hiking! You’ve got to be able to rely on your garments, regardless of what occurs. 

Performance Hiking Leggings
  • We made our women’s hiking leggings moisture-wicking and quick-drying, so you don’t have to worry too much about the weather.
  • We also use a fabric that resists abrasions for longer lasting, better looking leggings, at all times! 

  • Did we mention our reinforced seams that don’t chafe? Well, yeah, there’s that too. 

If you’re out hiking for hours on end, working your leggings hard, it’s important that they stay snug. Comfort and fit is key to a long day trekking across the hillsides.

Comfort Fit Leggings - ACAI
  • Our four-way stretch allows for ultimate flexibility. Stride, squat and stretch your way across any terrain with unrestricted movement.
  • Six point leg shaping makes our hiking leggings extra comfy, as they adapt and work with your joints and contours on the move. 

  • Further support can be found in the snatched waist design that provides high-waist coverage, regardless of your size or shape.

The Best Hiking Leggings

What to Wear Hiking

Clearly, we believe that the best hiking leggings are the ones that make you feel great, look good and perform as you’d expect. The best hiking leggings should bear in mind what you may come up against during a hike and adapt accordingly. Be it a sudden change in weather, an encounter with a tricky obstacle or an unexpected call of nature where easy access is required. 

Within our range of women’s leggings we have weaved in a load of features that we think make them worthy of any adventurer's wardrobe. 

Thermal Hiking Leggings

If you like to keep it lightweight throughout the winter months, ACAI thermal leggings operate to minimise the workload whilst keeping you warm. This makes them the perfect match for outdoor activities in cold weather. 

Thermal Outdoor Leggings - Black

Available in five alternative colours in multiple sizes, we're confident you’ll find a pair of thermal hiking leggings to suit your individual style and silhouette. 

Insulating thermal yarn
100% squat proof
Non-slip waistband to ensure comfort
Discreet reflective tape

    Thermal Leggings - Black ACAI

    Durable Hiking Leggings

    When investing in a pair of hiking leggings, you’d no doubt appreciate it if they lasted longer than your average gym leggings do. ACAI invests time and energy to ensure durability is a key factor in your decision to purchase.

    Outdoor Softshell Leggings - Forest Green

    Snagproof & packable
    UV Protection
    Breathable & wipeable 
    Shower resistant

    Outdoor Leggings - Forest Green - ACAI

      Hiking with the ACAI Outdoorsing Club

      If you like the look of our leggings, grab a pair and join us in the great outdoors! The ACAI Outdoorsing Club offers free events crafted and led by experienced female outdoor leaders. 

      It’s a great way to meet like minded, outdoorsy women and venture into nature in a pair of hiking leggings fit for purpose.

      Hiking with the ACAI Outdoorsing Club

      What a way to increase your happiness by spending time in nature looking and feeling good. Research shows how women who spend time outdoors are more likely “to experience positive body image”. It’s against this backdrop ACAI created The Outdoorsing Club to inspire women across the UK to experience new adventures.

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