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Hiking Tips for The ACAI Outdoorsing Club & Beyond

by Joel Peart on Oct 20, 2022

Hiking Tips for The ACAI Outdoorsing Club & Beyond

You proved us right. Outdoorsing is a thing. Our packed out events prove it. Since the induction of the ACAI Outdoorsing Club this October, the feel good factor has definitely helped everyone involved hike-up the ante.

As part of the Outdoorsing movement, on top of all the wandering we do, we welcome wellbeing tips, the sharing of personal stories and always encourage collaborations to give each member a sense of inclusion.

That being said, and so the newcomers don’t feel out of their depth, we’ve compiled some hiking tips for you all - ACAI style.

Hiking Tips

Hiking Tips - ACAI

Regardless of ability, age, or athleticism, we must find a common attitude and apply it, in order to make the most of any hike. For now, forget about all those hiking tips you’ll read about acquiring gadgets and gizmos to help navigate you off a misty mountain top and focus on the mind and soul instead.

ACAI embodies the importance of the outdoors, but before you even begin to think about tucking your tights into your socks and strapping on your boots, here are the first hiking tips you should take on board:

1. Positive Mental Attitude

This is the first and most frequently used item you will require for any hike. Having the idea of and planning a hike is often quite stimulating. Having the mindset to execute it and remain positive at all times, is another matter. We’re not trying to put you off…just better prepare you for what’s ahead.

Speak to us and others in our Outdoorsing community about what to expect from a hike. Insightful hiking hints and tips to help sustain a mindset can come from the silliest and strangest of places, but that's what it’s all about.

2. An Open Mind

After researching a hike you may have a preconceived idea of what to expect. Yet, it’s equally as important to maintain an open mindset throughout the duration of a hike, as you never know quite what you will encounter.

You may have to face fears, overcome challenges and experience the unexpected. We all know the weather can change in an instant. An old injury may reappear and cause an issue. Away from that, be open to (and enjoy) the wonders of wildlife and nature as you explore varied landscapes and surroundings. Moreover, it may be that you meet other people from different walks of life who take a different approach to you. Draw inspiration from these people. Be open to adaptation.

3. Soulfulness

Modern life is an oxymoron - in that it can be awfully good and bitter sweet. It can fatigue your spirit, at times. So, whilst hiking, try to reconnect with what’s important. Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in the environment around you. Find comfort in an ever evolving world by anchoring yourself with things around you that are reassuringly familiar and consistent.

All the best hikes end with a conclusion. Gain a sense of self achievement through improved self-perception and raised self-esteem.

Hiking Tips for Beginners

Hiking Tips for Beginners - ACAI

We know for a lot of you this Outdoorsing thing is a new thing. And hiking may well be a first time thing too, so you might want to make yourself familiar with our ‘What is Hiking? A Beginners Guide’ blog before going any further.

Hiking Equipment

The category of hiking equipment is vast and varied. Due to an increase in the popularity of hiking and walking, the range of hiking equipment has evolved and largely caters for the more advanced hikers. Assets such as walking poles and expensive backpack’s are non-essential for less frequent hikers.

Other than the mindful and soulful hiking equipment we tried to help issue with earlier, there are a few things you may want to equip yourself with ahead of a hike.

What to Take on a Hike?

What you take on a hike should be determined by the hike itself. Consider the distance, terrain and climate and make sensible choices about footwear, food and drink supplies and comms.

What to Wear Hiking?

What to Wear Hiking - ACAI

Finally, an area in which we can offer some serious expertise - women's hiking clothes! Yes, all of the above is important but now we’re getting down to business. Believe it or not, what you choose to wear whilst hiking is massively important.

As you may well have read in the ‘What is Hiking’ article, hiking is a form of exercise. During exercise muscles are used. This causes an increase in muscle temperature which is distributed to the body through circulation, in turn increasing body temperature. Controlling and regulating such temperatures can be done through your choice of what to wear whilst hiking. Lo and behold, these next tips could be the best hiking tips to ever be typed. 

Hiking Base Layers

Base layers act as a secondary skin and help to trap heat. ACAI Thermal Base Layers are designed with performance enhancing features that you keep warm and comfortable whilst looking and feeling great.

Thermal Base Layer Tops & Leggings 

Key Features:

Hiking Base Layers - ACAI

Hiking Mid Layers

ACAI understands the importance of mid layer clothing. Designed to wear on top of our base layers when you require a further layer to protect you from the elements and to complete your outfit!

The Outdoor Full Zip Fleece

Key Features: 
Fleece Lined
All Season 
Windproof & Showerproof

Hiking Mid Layer Fleece - ACAI

Hiking Outer Layers

Outer layers are the external defence against rain, wind and the cold. They should be lightweight, packable and versatile enough to adapt to your needs. Luckily, this one does all of that and more!

The Waterproof Multiway Jacket

Key Features: 
Quick Drying

Hiking Outer Layer Waterproof Jacket - ACAI

Outdoor Adventure Trousers

Designed specifically for the robust outdoor adventure, this collection of skinny outdoor trousers are our ultra high abrasion, mid-weight and shower proof. Forget scuffs and snags on your new pants!

The Aventurite Skinny Stretch Outdoor Trouser

Key Features: 
Four Way Stretch 
Shower Resistant

Skinny Outdoor Hiking Trousers - ACAI
Hiking Checklist

There you have it, the ACAI hiking tips checklist is complete. In conclusion, and in list format (because who doesn’t love a list?) it looks like this: 

Open Mind
Appropriate Footwear
Food & Drink Supplies
Base Layers
Mid Layers
Outer Layers 
Aventurite Trousers 

So, what are you waiting for? Join the movement, make friends, improve fitness, enjoy health benefits and explore the outdoors! 

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