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Introducing ACAI's Outdoorsing Club

by Martha Tewkesbury on Sep 30, 2022

Introducing ACAI's Outdoorsing Club

There are some pretty shocking statistics around why women don’t spend more time in the outdoors.

Like that “Women are 2.5 times more likely than men to say they have not tried a new outdoor activity due to a lack of confidence”[i]. And that “Girls are taught to fear the outdoors”[ii].

When ACAI’s founder Kasia read these findings, she was appalled.

But then further research offered hope. Such as “Spending 120 minutes per week in green space increases happiness and wellbeing”[iii], and “Research shows that women who spend more time outdoors are more likely to experience positive body image”[iv].

Against this backdrop, Kasia and her team were motivated to play their part in supporting women to get outdoors. The Outdoorsing Club was born.


What is The Outdoorsing Club?

The Outdoorsing Club is a series of free Outdoorsing events to inspire women across the UK to experience new adventures in nature and meet likeminded women.


Why did ACAI create The Outdoorsing Club?

The aim is to:

  • Put women first in the outdoors
  • Celebrate all women’s bodies
  • Encourage women to give Outdoorsing a try
  • Give women time for themselves and their wellbeing

    How do you join The Outdoorsing Club?


    Take a look at The Outdoorsing Club page where there is a schedule of events featuring everything from a gardening session, to a beginners road cycling lesson; all absolutely free. Simply follow the links to book a place at an event near you.

    What events does The Outdoorsing Club host?

    When Kasia and her team realised the many barriers that women feel which prevent them from enjoying the natural world, they wanted to ensure The Outdoorsing Club offered a range of events to suit all.

    So there’s walks for Mums which fit around the school run; gentler activities, such as gardening, and adventurous excursions aimed at those who lack confidence to try a new outdoor sport in a safe space.




    Who leads The Outdoorsing Club events?


    All events are led by women who have a passion for being in the outdoors and experience in guiding groups. They want to create a safe, happy space for their participants to enjoy nature with like-minded women.

    What do I wear for The Outdoorsing Club?


    Making women feel confident in the outdoors is at the heart of ACAI, so as long as clothing is suitable for the activity (e.g. warm and shower proof) then participants should wear exactly what they like. And don’t forget, everyone will get some ACAI discounts as part of their free goodie bag to see for themselves why our brand is so well-regarded by outdoors-loving women.



    So that’s The Outdoorsing Club. ACAI and its Adventurers hope to see you at an Outdoorsing event soon.




    [i] A mean average of 25% of female respondents compared to 10% of male respondents who selected either walking, indoor climbing, outdoor climbing or mountaineering as the activity they are most passionate about, stated they had not tried a new outdoor activity due to lack of confidence (sourced from Kay, Ankers and Bond, Your Movement Matters Tier 2 Reports, 2022.

    [ii] Gender normative socialization (e.g., “Little Red Riding Hood”) teaches girls that the outdoors is a scary place they should avoid and engenders the sense that girls should be fearful while in this setting. Evans, Walters and Anderson. The Case for Evidence-Based Outdoor Recreation Interventions for Girls: Helping Girls “Find Their Voice” in the Outdoors, 2020.

    [iii] White, Alcock and Grellier, et al. Spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing, 2019.

    [iv] Breault-Hood, Reflections of an Educator on the Impact of the Outdoors on Body Positivity, 2018; Stieger, Aichinger & Swami, The impact of nature exposure on body image and happiness: an experience sampling study, 2022.

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