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Walking Groups Near Me

by Joel Peart on Sep 30, 2022

Walking Groups Near Me

Given the fact that the average person walks around 65,000 miles in their lifetime, you may think that a triple trip around the globe would be enough of a commitment but, due to environmental, lifestyle and health circumstances, we ought to step it up.

Walking more regularly results in extraordinary health benefits. It can also stimulate routine as well as reducing your carbon footprint. This isn’t new-found knowledge, nor will it be unfamiliar information to you. Yet, it should probably be something we all pay more attention to.

Walk - Wherever, Whenever with Whomever

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If you didn’t already know, ACAI are advocates of walking and the outdoors. Whilst we consider the phraseology for walking to be entirely open ended (be it a saunter, stroll, stretch, plod or tramp, we’re all for it) the outcome, however, should be to remind us of one of the most underrated forms of exercise and encourage all to make walking a habit. 

Not every walk has to be an extreme outdoor adventure stretching over the hills and far away. A lot of it is reimagining your daily routines. Choose trainers instead of taxis and swap car seats for insoles. Catch up with a compadre on foot rather than on the phone. Stop scrolling and start strolling!

Whether you’re popping to the shops or commuting to work, try to opt for a more environmentally friendly route and use your feet! 2,000 brisk steps a day is enough to get the heart pumping and improve your cardiovascular and mental state. Making it a more regular activity with friends, family or walking groups will further increase a passion for walking.

Walking Groups

Walking Group - ACAI

Walking groups are exactly that: groups of individuals who come together to appreciate the mental and physical aspects of walking and social interactions.

For many, walking is a given. For some, walking is a struggle. For others, walking is a miracle. Whilst we may not all walk in the same manner, walking together does wonders for the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Take a look at a community like Adventure Queens, for instance. Their outdoor community has gained over 15,000 members since 2017! Run entirely by volunteers, this non-profit organisation brings down barriers that prevent women from going on outdoor adventures and help them realise their full potential.

Why Join a Walking Group?

Apparently, an hour’s worth of walking will burn enough calories to evaporate an entire brownie. We’ve calculated that to eat more brownies, one will have to walk more. But that’s not the only reason to want to join a walking group.

Walking 10 miles each week (instead of driving them) would eliminate around 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year. There’s another reason to join a walking group.

Predominantly, though, as relayed above, walking groups promote healthy bodies and minds by encouraging physical activity and socialising. Walking and talking with a friend (or even a stranger) is a therapeutic form of exercise and escapism.

Best of all, walking has to be the most cost effective form of exercise. It’s free! There’s no need to fork out for any special equipment or membership fees.

Walking Groups for Beginners

You will soon find that the majority of walking groups or clubs will welcome you with open arms, no matter your ability or experience. So, don’t fret about it. You will be catered for accordingly, if you’re only just starting out. If that is the case and you’re looking for some beginners' hints and tips for walking, give Little Steps, Big Happy a visit.

Alternatively, if you’re a parent with a baby and believe it’s just not do-able. Think again. Blaze Trails is the UK’s go-to parent and baby walking community with over 40 groups around the country!

Local Walking Groups

A quick search engine input of: ‘walking groups near me’ should kick back at least a social media page, if not a dedicated organisation. If not, why not start your own? This can easily be done, with the set-up of a simple social media group, alternatively sites like Meetup exist to help you find local walking groups. 

Ladies Walking Groups

Women's walking group

For girl only groups, Walking Women strive to promote a safe space for women to explore and adventure together no matter where you may be in the world. It’s ‘by women for women’ - a tagline we can get behind!

On that note, for a walking outfit and walking clothes designed by women for women, take a look at our handpicked outdoor walking attire below.

Women’s Walking Outfits  

ACAI believes women’s walking clothes should be all-season, high-performing and fashionable. Clothes that make you feel confident enough to wear walking around the supermarket and comfortable enough to wear in a cosy pub after an evening stroll.

Whilst we’ve selected a favourable walking outfit, feel free to browse the rest of our range online. There’s an array of outdoor attire with features that lend themselves to the seasons in various styles and colours.

Go Explore Hoodie

Our newest garment sees a classic coming together of style and performance. The Go Explore Hoodie not only looks the part but comes with plenty of practical attributes for wandering in the outdoors.

Go Explore Hoodie - ACAI

Thermal Seamless Base Layer Top

Super soft, slim-fit and seamless for zero chafing on your skin. The thermal qualities offer warmth and comfort beneath any outer layer. Make it part of your everyday wear, if you’re prone to the cold.

Thermal Base Layer Top - ACAI Women

Thermal Outdoor Leggings

Women’s legwear that ticks every box. Designed by women who understand the requirements for comfortable, functional and stylish leggings, these thermal leggings will quickly become your favourite item of clothing.

Thermal Outdoor Leggings - ACAI

Wondrous Walking Groups 

Walking with ACAI - Womens Walking

Walking groups can do wonders for your well-being. If you’re ever feeling isolated, lonely or a little low, deciding to go for a walk is a hugely positive step. Walking reduces stress and tension which could improve your mood. Walking with others will distract you as you improve muscle endurance, strengthen your bones and immune system.

Whatever your reasons are to start walking or join a walking group, we applaud you. Be it for physical and mental health or to reduce your impact on the environment by ditching the car keys for kilometres, we champion you and we’re here for you.

It’s important for the walking community to stick together. We are all part of one walking supergroup, after all! So, why not join the ACAI Outdoorsing Club? Here to encourage women to get outdoors and feel better about their bodies.

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