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Walking Trousers

by Laura Barlow on Jan 11, 2023

Walking Trousers

Walking trousers is where it all began for ACAI. It was apparent that there was a need for stylish, durable and comfortable walking trousers in the outdoor wear market. So, we got to work.

Fuelled by a passion for the outdoors and the want to access nature’s playground in attire that understood modern-day adventurers, we wanted to develop walking trousers designed by women, for women.

Women's Walking Trousers - ACAI

This resulted in walking trousers fine-tuned with practical and functional features that we hoped would revolutionise the rules on women’s walking trousers forever. Our range of outdoor walking trousers now include skinny jeans, thermal trousers and leggings. Each pair fit enough for any adventure.

Outdoor Trousers

Careful considerations were made surrounding the key aspects of our outdoor trousers and what we would need to bring to the fore for success. 

We understood that women wanted walking trousers to suit their individual lifestyles, unique contours and personal tastes whether they were playing hard in the outdoors or simply commuting to work.

That being said, the integration of fashionable and functional features into our walking trousers is always ongoing. However, with aspects such as high abrasion performance, flexible four-way stretch, as well as seamless stitching and showerproof properties we’ve made serious strides into making our outdoor trousers seriously comfortable and practical.

Outdoor Walking Trousers - ACAI

Ultimately, we want you to have confidence in our walking trousers - in that they don't just support you, but support the planet too.

The Best Walking Trousers

The best walking trousers should be geared up to adapt to the season, your style and the activities in which you partake. With that in mind, here at ACAI, we have designed a rage of women’s walking trousers to cater for all. Here’s our pick of the best walking trousers we’ve developed to date.

Thermal Walking Trousers

Thermal walking trousers are a winter wardrobe essential. Don’t ever let cold weather deter you from exploring the outdoors. Invest in our thermal walking trousers, instead. Essentially, they exist to encourage endurance in the chilly climates.

Thermal Walking Trousers

Thanks to the inner fleece-lined insulation, your legs will remain toasty at all times. Yet, the breathable material helps to simultaneously regulate the temperature, in case you begin to work up a sweat.

Other highlights of ACAI’s thermal walking trousers include shower resistant and quick drying properties, again assisting in maintaining cosiness at all times.

Thermal Walking Trousers Black

Whilst they mimic the stylish look of a skinny jean, these thermal walking trousers stimulate comfort through four-way stretch fabric. This makes them more flexible than typical denim or cotton alternatives. Also, the softshell material makes for a super snug fit.

Lightweight Walking Trousers

It’s your legs which do the bulk of the heavy work when walking, so lighten their load with lightweight walking trousers from ACAI.

Lightweight Walking Trousers

Our lightweight walking trousers are engineered to hug your silhouette and support your curves, leaving you feeling free. Minimising the restriction of movement is crucial to your comfort. That’s why ACAI developed a super high, double-fastened waistband cinched to accentuate your waist which allows for additional movement around the hips and thighs. 

Wet material can also weigh you down. Worry not. We applied quick-drying and moisture-wicking technology to our lightweight walking trousers to give you peace of mind when you start to sweat or when it rains. 

Women's Lightweight Walking Trousers - ACAI

Have conviction when you stride out in a pair of ACAI lightweight walking trousers.

Stretch Walking Trousers

Stretch walking trousers are designed specifically for the style-conscious adventurer. 

Durable nylon material featuring four-way stretch gives you faith in your legwear in the most vigorous of activities, whilst the fitted style and aesthetic make them suitable for daywear or workwear. 

Stretch Walking Trousers

Freedom of movement and complete comfort makes walking and hiking a more enjoyable experience. Stretch walking trousers allow for complete manoeuvrability. Extremely stretchy softshell fabric makes them suitable for trekking, dog walking, gardening and even horse riding! 

Whatever the weather, we got you covered. Light showers are repelled. In heavy rain you'll soon dry out. On hotter days, the breathable and moisture-wicking material will keep you cool and prevent any chafe. 

Trendy Walking Trousers

If you’re looking for trendy walking trousers - once again, we’d have to go back to where it all began for ACAI: The Skinny Outdoor Jeans.

Trendy Walking Trousers - Skinny Outdoor Jean

Not only do these walking trousers deliver on style but ultimate performance too. That was the ambition, after all.

From a fashion and trend perspective, it’s all about the finer details here. The Skinny Outdoor Jeans are available in a range of charming colours with beautiful contrast stitching. A vegan leather ACAI patch and mountain sunrise logo details accentuate attention to detail. Moreover, the secure zippered back pocket and three further lined pockets and a practical but contemporary element. 

Trendy Walking Trousers - Skinny Outdoor Jean

Performance wise, there’s a long list of features that make these walking trousers superior. One of which is the use of ISKO BLUESKIN™ technology. This smart fabric allows for 360° freedom of movement despite the super skinny fit. 

For a closer look at our walking trousers collection, head over to our YouTube channel and get to grips with what makes ACAI the go-to for outerwear for women.

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