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Wild Swimming in the Lake District: Dive into Nature's Beauty

by Talitha Palmer Roberts on Jun 28, 2023

Wild Swimming in the Lake District: Dive into Nature's Beauty

Summer hikes are ace, but they can be clammy. When humidity is high and the heat becomes too much, surely there’s nothing more inviting than mother nature's bath tub?

For many hikers, a wild swimming spot is the pot of gold at the end of a hard day; daring to  dip your toes in before being brave enough to fully submerge yourself beneath the icy cool water is nothing short of exhilarating. Especially in one of the UK's most picturesque regions.

Why We Love the Outdoors

It’s well documented that our love for the outdoors runs deep. In a nutshell, for most of us,  it’s about the freedom, escapism and adventure in and amongst the thrills and spills of what nature has to offer.


The great outdoors offers an escape like no other. Our hearts, bodies and minds get a chance to realign, reset and reminisce. That's why the Outdoosing Club exists. To give like-minded women the opportunity to come together to share their love for outdoor pursuits.

At ACAI, we believe in celebrating nature's wonders and empowering women to embrace their adventurous spirit. This time, it’s in the form of wild swimming!

Embracing the Joy of Wild Swimming

If you’ve never swam in the wild, it’s quite the liberating experience. Yes, you may have to show a little bravery at first but, don’t worry, there are no sharks in the Lake District. Just tranquil waters that invigorate the body. 

Even if you’re not the most confident of swimmers, you can find plunge pools to take a dip in. Allow the coolness of the water to envelope your skin and take a moment to connect with the beauty that surrounds you (before you take a selfie). 

Where's Good for Wild Swimming?

Generally, the UK is up there with the very best, when it comes to wild swimming. We’re fortunate to have a lot of destinations to choose from all within a nearby vicinity to one another. 

Cumbria Lake District - Wild Swimming

From the serene and secluded rivers and mountain pools of Wales, to the picturesque rivers and lochs of the Scottish Highlands, and along the rugged coastline of Cornwall and Devon, each one of the UK’s wild swimming spots has its own unique charm.

Clearly, with its pristine lakes, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas, the Lake District is also a region that is a natural paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Lake District Wild Swimming Hotspots

Before we begin encouraging you to strip off and dive straight into swimming in the Lake District, you ought to hear from the experts. Your safety is paramount and things like access points, water temperature and depth, and the swim safe code are all things to seriously consider before you take the plunge.  

Lake District Wild Swimming

Now that you’re a little more educated on wild swimming, it’s time to take your pick. Here are just six of our favourite spots: 

  • Bassenthwaite Lake: If you’ve never been - it’s breathtaking. Untouched beauty in a peaceful haven, surrounded by lush greenery and stunning panoramic views. You can’t not dive in and explore its depths! 

  • Buttermere: Tucked away amongst the mountains, Buttermere is a hidden gem for wild swimmers. With its crystal-clear waters reflecting the stunning scenery, it’s a picturesque lake that is perfect for a refreshing dip. 


  • Crummock Water: Rugged peaks and lush woodlands make up the perimeters with uninterrupted views on both sides. An unspoiled, serene natural wonder waiting to be swam in. 

  • Grasmere: Romanticise about the history of this historic lake, as you float around in the shimmering waters. Dive into Grasmere and become one with nature's masterpiece.

  • Loweswater: Often bypassed, in a peaceful corner of the Lake District, Loweswater offers a secluded and tranquil wild swimming experience. Rolling hills and rich greenery provide an idyllic backdrop to the calm waters you bathe in. 

  • Wastwater: The towering mountains and steep slopes result in this being the deepest of the Lake District's lakes. You’ll get a sense of raw wilderness as you plunge into Wastwater's mysterious depths. 

Have we managed to sell you the wild swimming dream? We hope so. Each of these lakes offers a unique and unforgettable wild swimming experience. Once you’ve done one, you’ll want to do another, and that’s how it goes. 

Wild Swimming Clothes to Keep You Warm Afterwards

Whilst we do encourage and impart the confidence to let loose and take a leap into these lakes, we also like to be prepared and practical. 

After your swim, it's important to stay warm. Our post-swim essentials include soft and cosy clothing, quick-drying attire, and insulated garments that are both functional and fashionable. 

Thermal Base Layers: Stay warm and comfortable with insulating base layers, perfect for layering and regulating body temperature.

Women's Thermal Base Layer


Mid Layers: Our versatile mid layers are designed to provide warmth and comfort when you most need it.

Women's Mid Layer Top


Hoodies & Fleeces: There’s nothing better than wrapping up in a hoodie or fleece for an instant embrace.  

Women's Fleece

Quick Dry Leggings: Unrestricted four-way stretch, breathability and quick-drying features make these leggings ideal for after a swim. 

Quick - Dry Leggings


Thermal Leggings: Finely knitted pointelle fabric consists of tiny holes to lock in pockets of warm air to keep you warm and a super cosy brushed back adds extra insulation and comfort.

Women's Thermal Leggings


Dive In and Explore your Wild Side!

Whilst wild swimming may be a new adventure for some, many of you will be well versed in its benefits. We’re here to encourage you all to explore your wild side and seek new experiences. 

The joys of wild swimming with friends, making unforgettable memories, and connecting with nature in a way that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered, is what it’s all about. 

If you happen to have a penchant for style too, even better! ACAI Outdoorwear exists for those of you who are ready to adventure in outdoor clothes crafted with outdoorsy women in mind, with style and functionality at the forefront. 


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