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Behold the Boxing Day Walk

by Talitha Palmer Roberts on Dec 22, 2022

Behold the Boxing Day Walk

Team ACAI will be out in force on Boxing Day. Adorning ACAI attire, retracing Outdoorsing Club footsteps and making the most of this increasingly popular Christmas time activity.

We’d love it if you felt inspired to do the same. The Boxing Day walk provides an opportunity for escapism, exercise and enjoyment. In this article, we’ll offer you ideas on where to go, what to wear and reasons as to why Boxing Day walks are so special.

Boxing Day Walking Routes

Since the launch of ACAI Outdoorsing, and thanks to the amazing Outdoorsing Club Leaders, we’ve got new found knowledge of wonderful walks from all over our kingdom.

Previous adventures have taken us as far south as Somerset, way out west to the Brecon Beacons in Wales, lugged us up north to Windermere in the Lake District and back down via Derwent in the Peak District.

ACAI Outdoorsing

Each one of these walks has been an occasion to cherish with like-minded women from all walks of life. So, if you’re up for an adventure on Boxing Day, get involved and join the movement.

Head over to our Outdoorsing page for upcoming and past events and find a route local to you that’s already been tried and tested for success!

Women’s Winter Walking Clothes

Seasonal collections such as our women’s winter walking clothes help you discover outdoor clothes best suited to take on the elements. From women’s thermals to cold weather clothes for cosy winter walks, we’ve got an abundance of irresistibly stylish and practical garments for you to choose from.

Here are some of the items that our team will be wearing on their outings as well as some recommendations. Behold the Boxing Day walking outfit.

Women’s Winter Hat

Don’t worry about doing your hair today - stay toasty instead. Our women’s merino wool beanies are a must for a potentially blustery and bitterly cold Boxing Day walk. 

Teal Merino Wool Beanie

Women’s Fleece

A fleece offers unconditional fulfilment. Cosy, comfortable and casual. Who’s not a fan of a fleece? This fossil coloured fleece is windproof and showerproof with a waterproof membrane, plus it has zip pockets - just in case you needed convincing any further. 

Women's Fleece

Women’s Thermal Leggings

Who’d have thought you could slip on a pair of leggings and achieve both style and insulation in one fell swoop? Well, we did. Available in five colour-ways, our women's thermal leggings are hot property. Here are our Forest Green ones, to whet your appetite. 

Women’s Winter Socks

From head to toe, we’ve got you covered in walking attire you’ll want to show off. These merino wool socks are the final part of the perfect winter outdoor outfit. 

Women’s Winter Gloves

Notice the extra-long cuff for additional warmth and wind-chill protection on our women’s outdoor performance gloves. Sleek in appearance and minimalistic in style, they’re the glove that will look right with any outdoor outfit.

Boxing Day Walks

Dubbed the best walk of the year, the Boxing Day walk hits differently. It combines all we love about walking with a sprinkle of seasonal sentiment. It offers festive fun in familiar surroundings with our favourite faces. 

Boxing Day Walks

Even though we can choose to walk on any other day of the year, there’s a growing nostalgia associated with Boxing Day walks. Here are a few reasons why we believe it's up there with the best of them.

  • Winter Wonderlands

Whether your walk takes you along a river, through woodlands or up a hill, if the winter weather has blanketed the scenery in snow or frost it brings an element of Christmas magic to the occasion.

  • Fresh Air & Exercise

The ye-old remedy for recovery after days on end indoors overindulging in food and relaxation is of course fresh air and exercise. It’s as if your body, heart and soul demand it. That first intake of crisp, cold air instantly reassures you that this is what’s required before even more indulgence begins.

  • Family Matters

A family is what you make it. Unique to each of us. Christmas tends to be the one time of year when you cross paths and spend prolonged periods of time together. It serves as a reminder that quality time with the nearest and dearest is important. Something we all go on to promise we should do more often.

Family Matters - ACAI Outdoorisng

  • Connected Communities

Sometimes we forget that outside of our family, we have a community. Or perhaps your community is your family. Either way, seeing others out and about makes us feel more connected and less alone. Christmas sees communities come together in ways unlike any other time of the year. 

These are perhaps reasons as to why the Boxing Day walk has become a Christmas calendar staple. It has also nestled its way into the top post-Christmas talking points. So, upon your return to work, expect tales of the ‘unplanned’ pub stop and the dog's daring nosedive into a nearby frozen pond!

Share your Boxing Day walk experiences with us by using the hashtag #ACAIOutdoorsing. 

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