It's all about friendship

If you love your ACAI Outdoorwear as much as we hope, tell your adventure buddies and you can earn rewards of up to 25% discount while giving them a gift of 10% off their next purchase.

We understand community and friendship are important to outdoor adventure women in your quest to find gear which supports you on your adventures.

We hope you, like many women before you, enjoy your adventures in ACAI enough to recommend our outdoorwear.

For more information please see our Refer A Friend FAQs. 


At ACAI, we care passionately about revolutionising the outdoor experience for all women adventurers through outdoorwear made by women for women. We believe in the power of female community and want to reward loyal members who share the anti pink and shrink mission with their adventure buddies. So, in essence, if you want to invite a friend along for the ride, we'll give you both a reward for joining us!

Simply click on the 'Refer A Friend' button above and start sharing the revolution in women's outdoorwear!

If you refer one friend, you'll receive 10% off to spend on your next order after they've made their purchase. If you refer three friends, it's a party and you'll receive 15% off to spend on your next order after they've both made their purchases. If you refer five friends, congratulations! You'll receive 20% off to spend on your next order after they've all made their purchases. When you successfully refer ten friends, they'll get 10% and you get 25% off your next purchase once they've made their purchases.

All the adventure women you tell about ACAI through our Referral Rewards Scheme will receive 10% off their first order with us. 

Your individual discount code will be emailed to you once your friend has made their purchase. Your friend's code will be available to copy and paste from our website when they join the scheme and will also be sent to them by email. When you refer your friend to ACAI, they will be asked to add their name and email address to receive their reward code. Just so we know it was you who referred them, it's important they use the same email address by which you referred them and the correct coupon code in the checkout. You can expect these emails within 48 hours - please remember to check your junk folder as they may be hiding in there!

No way! We respect your friends’ privacy and will only send email invitations to them at your request. Once your friends join, they’ll be able to adjust their email preferences.