in partnership with Women in Sport


Women in Sport and ACAI Outdoorwear are proud to partner to make this Black Friday Bright. 

United by a shared vision of putting women first in everything we do, ACAI Outdoorwear are supporting Women in Sport and making Black Friday Bright. During the Bright Friday weekend, we’ll come together to empower women to spend time outdoors boosting confidence, mental health and physical wellbeing in Mother Nature.

We pledge 10% of all sales made over the four-day weekend starting on Bright Friday to Women in Sport.

Join the Bright Friday Movement

To participate and help flood social media with positivity and colour, simply pull on your brightest piece of clothing, get outdoors, share a selfie with the hashtag #BrightFriday and make a donation today. 

The Bright Friday Movement

Coming together in partnership this Bright Friday, ACAI and Women in Sport want to encourage women to get outdoors, regardless of the weather and be inspired by the bright colours of Mother Nature.

Women are encouraged to wear their brightest clothing and walk, hike, or run to realise the physical and mental health benefits of being active.

Participants are invited to flood social media with colour, taking and sharing selfies in the outdoors accompanied with a message of positivity using the hashtag #BrightFriday.  

From 27 – 30 November 10% of all sales made will also be donated to Women in Sport enabling the charity to continue their incredible work to ensure all women and girls can experience the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits of sport and exercise.          

In addition, we are calling for you to make a donation to pledge your support to Women in Sport and join the Bright Friday movement.



Women in Sport’s Lockdown Research found that during the first period of lockdown strong links were forged by women with exercise and the outdoors, freedom, wellbeing and mental health.

Taking daily exercise has provided the opportunity to go outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and have time away from others and importantly has helped underline the mental health and wellbeing benefits of being active and connecting with nature.  

New habits have been established and Women in Sport heard from many women that a walk had become a regular part of the structure of their day.

However, 32% of women said that they couldn’t prioritise exercise during lockdown as they had too much to do for others. A lockdown in winter creates big challenges for everyone, but for women in particular there is a risk of missing out on physical activity.

Women in Sport believes that sport transforms lives and so their vision is that no-one is excluded from the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits of sport and exercise.

Each year, they work with around 12,000 women and girls and 600 organisations in their mission to ensure every woman and girl in the UK can experience this. Their pioneering research and insight is disseminated to over 30,000 people each year, and wider campaigning reaches over 100 million people annually.

Your support will continue to help them ensure they can give every woman and girl the opportunity to take part in sport and inspire her to do so by sharing their research, campaigning for change and by finding new ways to be active.

“We’re huge advocates of the mental and physical health benefits to be enjoyed from walking”, said ACAI Co-Founder and Creative Director, Kasia Bromley.  

“It’s one of the few benefits to have come out of what has been an incredibly difficult year for most, people rediscovering the value of time spent in the outdoors.  As a women’s outdoorwear business we have benefitted from that surge in interest and it’s important for us to give back. " 


Patron of Women in Sport, Becky Adlington says: 

“When I was a kid, I would spend hours out playing in the heaths and woods of Sherwood Forest throughout the year.  And even now one of the most enjoyable ways to catch up with my parents and family when I go home to Mansfield is to go for a bracing walk. Whether you prefer to walk, cycle or run, kick a ball around or sit and reflect I would encourage everyone to go outdoors in the coming months wherever you live and whatever the weather.  The autumn colours are beautiful just now and even when the leaves fall, the crisp winter air, or even the wet and the puddles can be energising and refreshing if you have the right clothes and footwear – the brighter the better.  

I would encourage everyone to carve out time for themselves to be active, embrace the new season and reconnect with nature. We all know that staying positive and mentally strong in these strange times is vital and our shorter days need not be a barrier to this.”

Bright Friday will take place on Friday November 27th and continue over the course of the weekend to Monday November 30th. 

Have a Bright Friday!