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Celebrating International Women's Day: ACAI Outdoorwear and Osprey Europe

by Zoe Allison on Feb 27, 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day: ACAI Outdoorwear and Osprey Europe

Hi, I’m Janire aka @rayofsun_adventures. This International Women's Day, I want to shine a light on the power of the great outdoors on women's health and the vital role of gear that fits and supports our adventures. There's an undeniable magic in nature but for women, the call of the wild is not just an invitation—it's a path to liberation, empowerment, and profound well-being.

I'm a trainee mountain leader and an avid advocate for women embracing the outdoors. My experiences leading walks for Acai's Outdoorsing Club have not only shown me the importance of a safe and inclusive space for women in the outdoors, but also how essential the right clothing and backpacks are for a day out in the mountains.

The Science of Nature's Benefits

A study by Stieger, Aichinger, and Swami in 2022 revealed that just two hours in nature each week can significantly increase a woman's happiness and promote a more positive body image. It can significantly uplift mental health, reduce stress and enhance mood. Hiking can offer physical benefits like cardiovascular fitness, increased endurance, and muscle strength. It's clear: nature is not just a playground for adventure; it's of vital importance to our health and happiness.

Why ACAI Gear Matters

For any woman venturing outdoors, feeling comfortable and confident is crucial. This is where ACAI Outdoorwear comes in. ACAI's commitment to crafting high-quality, functional, and stylish outdoor apparel ensures that every woman can find gear that fits her body and her adventures. As someone who hikes in varied terrains and weather conditions, ACAI clothing is my go-to for its durability and comfort. Wearing clothing that's designed to withstand the elements while also being super comfortable makes a world of difference in how I experience and enjoy the outdoors.

My personal favourite pieces are:

  • For winter hikes; I live in my Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers which are fleece lined and water resistant, perfect for adventures at altitude and in the cold.
  • For summer hikes; You’ll find me in my Trek Shorts and the Bamboo Hike Bra as they fit perfectly and are really flattering, making me feel confident while out on adventures.

The Power of a Perfect Fit: Osprey Backpacks

Similarly, the right backpack is not just about carrying essentials; it's about merging functionality with comfort. Osprey's commitment to creating women-specific backpacks is a game-changer. Their design considerations, such as narrower shoulder widths, a curved harness, shorter torso lengths, and a narrower hip belt, cater specifically to a woman's anatomy. This meticulous attention to fit ensures that the backpacks offer optimal load stabilization and support, which is crucial for my long days hiking in the mountains. The difference in comfort and performance is palpable, making Osprey backpacks an indispensable part of my gear.

I have an Osprey Tempest 40L backpack which I use on my hiking adventures. It fits perfectly, is extremely comfortable and has all the gadgets I need on it such as a large side pockets which fit all my snacks, ice-axe and trekking pole attachments and a water reservoir sleeve to streamline my adventures.


ACAI's Outdoorsing Club: A Community of Adventurers

I'm extremely proud to be part of Acai’s Adventurer community and to lead walks for Acai's Outdoorsing Club. These free events are more than just walks; they're opportunities for women to be empowered, and to discover the strength and confidence that comes from connecting with nature and with one another.

This month there are a total of 11 Outdoorsing Club events with over 150 women attending. These events are organised and led by experienced women leaders. I’m privileged to be leading 3 of these events, including one on International Women’s Day where 15 women will join me to hike up the Long Mynd in the Shropshire Hills.

Why ACAI and Osprey Are Essential for the Female Adventurer

For the female adventurer, the right gear is not a luxury—it's essential! ACAI and Osprey don't just provide gear; they offer the assurance of high quality, the promise of comfort, and the freedom to explore without limits. Their dedication to supporting women in the outdoors, from the thoughtful design of their products to the creation of inclusive spaces, makes them indispensable partners in adventure. They help build confidence and empower women to get out there!

This International Women's Day, let's celebrate the spirit of adventure in all women. With the right support, the right community, and the right gear, the great outdoors becomes a place of infinite possibility. So here's to more women finding their trail, scaling their mountains, and embracing the vast, beautiful world awaiting them. Happy International Women's Day, and here's to many more adventures together.

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  • Janire Denny-Arzalluz
    Mar 08, 2024 at 07:51

    So exciting to see my blog writing on your page!! 😄 Loved working with you and Osprey on this one! I hope everyone enjoys it and maybe learns something about how important women specific fitted gear is!


  • Karen Wisbach
    Mar 08, 2024 at 07:43

    I absolutely love my Açai gear having 3 pairs of thermal skinny”s, 2 base layers for walking and jeans, hoodie and gilet for casual wear, I feel fabulous when out. All clothes are so comfortable, easy to wash and dry so I’ve a constant supply of Açai – winner winner


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