Happy Earth Day!

Launched in 1970, this global movement aims to raise awareness and activity around environmental issues such as climate change and pollution.  

As an earth conscious company, we’re constantly innovating ways to make our outdoorwear more sustainable, including extending its life span.  

To mark Earth Day 21, and its pledge to ‘restore our earth,’ ACAI has partnered with the wonderful team at KAPDAA to create recycled Adventure Notebooks, covered with our pre-loved Skinny Outdoor Trousers.  

Offering a combination of lined and plain recycled paper, these notebooks are perfect for popping in your backpacks and journaling your adventures.  Choose your favourite notebook, based on your most loved pair of ACAI Skinnies!

KAPDAA is an innovative company whose mission is to create a sustainable future for the fashion industry.  Taking offcuts of fabric, paper and other materials, KAPDAA repurpose them into unique products to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill.  

Working with a team of skilled craftspeople in India, KAPDAA also ensure fair wages and supports individual skills over machinery.

Our Adventure Notebooks are available to purchase online and are sent in fully compostable packaging making unique, sustainable gifts for you and your adventure buddies.


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