30 Minute Workout by Aroosha Nekonam

Working out during a lunch break is growing in popularity, and it really is a fun and easy way to get more physical activity into your life.

But is a lunch-hour workout really effective? And is it really possible to exercise and still have time to eat, shower, and get back to work in time? Of course it is! But, it is going to take a little bit of planning. For example, on days you plan to work out, make sure you've packed your gym bag with everything you need for the day, wear work clothes that make it easy for you to change, and bring your own lunch!

When it comes to the workout intensity is key not the length of the workout. If you put in 100% you can get a brilliant workout in just 30 minutes!  

So try this quick full body, minimal equipment workout! Keep the heart-rate up by decreasing your rest time in-between sets to 30 – 60 seconds.


Full Lunchtime Workout Routine:


Circuit 1 - Repeat x 3 

Squat Thruster - 20

Tricep Dips - 15

Knee Drivers - 30


Circuit 2 - Repeat x 3

Step  Ups - 10 per leg

Hip Thrust - 20

Kickbacks - 10 per leg


Circuit 3 - Repeat x 3

Tricep Kickbacks - 15

T Raise - 15

Lateral Raise - 15


Circuit 4 - Repeat x 3

180 Degree squat jumps - 15

Inch Worm Press Up - 10

Bulgarian Split - 15 per leg  


I have filmed all the exercises for you in my most recent YouTube vlog, so just click the link below and skip to the 5 minute mark.