5 Healthy and Kids Friendly Snacks for Family Trips

5 Healthy and kids friendly snacks for family trips


Are you stuck for ideas for healthy snacks you can give your kids whilst avoiding commercial sweets fuelled with sugar and artificial colouring?

We have put together a selection of quick and easy recipes for snacks that the whole family will enjoy on a trip away or a day out.

 1. Chocolate Chia Cookies – 4 ingredients

This is one of our favourites, quick and easy to make and a perfect solution for your fussy eaters!

You can find the recipe from Super Healthy Kids blog in the link below. 


 2. Blueberry coconut Milk Smoothie – Prep time 5 minutes!

If you struggle for ideas and your kids are bored of the usual porridge or Weetabix

brekkie, here is a simple recipe for a brilliant alternative for a breakfast meal or an energising drink during fun activities.

You can find the recipe from Super Healthy Kids blog in the link below.


3. Courgette and carrot muffins

If you love making a batch of healthy snacks and stick it in your freezer so it’s available in time of need, this recipe is for you. You can pack in a lunch box for trips away, offer your kids as a snack or as part of a healthy meal.

You can find the recipe from Netmums blog in the link below.


4. Chia Seeds Banana Cookies 

This is a real winner for a real quick snack replacing commercial sugar fuelled sweets. It only takes 10 minutes to prep and 15 minutes to cook. No time at all!

You can find the recipe from With Salt and Wit blog in the link below.


5. Cinnamon Apple Chips

This is a brilliant idea for a treat that can be done in bulk! Prep time is only 10 minutes! The only downside is it takes 2 hours 30 minutes to cook. Plan this one for when you are home so the apple can bake whilst you are busy with other things.

You can find the recipe from Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen blog in the link below.