Failure is the best kept secret of success

When was the last time you were told it’s not what you do that matters, it’s who you are?

When we feel ready to take a risk, it’s because we know we’re good inside no matter what the outcome is.

Things may not always turn out the way we want them to - but that’s OK, because we know we have the power to fix it.

Sometimes, when things go pear shaped, we feel bad. We’re going to wonder what people must think of us - that we’re irresponsible, neglectful, selfish.

But the truth is, we’re none of those things. We’re awesome. And no one was probably thinking it anyway. (And if they were, too bad!)

So how fast you can recover from this low point, how fast you can get back on your feet, is a sign of how well you remember today that who you are is not what you do. Who you are is always awesome, even if what you do changes.

In ACAI clothing, we expect you to make mistakes. We don’t expect the people who wear our clothes to be perfect all the time. Who’d want to be?

We know that you’re going to fall on your ass. But we’ve got your back. We know you’re going to get sweat on your cheeks, and grime on your knees. That’s why we’ve designed our clothing to take the impact. It’s called living. It’s called loving... Ultimately, it’s called flying.

Feel brave, and take a risk today. Do something new you’ve never done before. You’ve done it all your life - you know how - baby, taking a risk is how you learnt to walk. You might have grown up now, but deep inside, you never forgot how to take a risk and learn new steps. It’s something that’s innate in you. So reach up high, and go for it! Fly!

Because when we aim high, take a leap, and actually make our target, it feels so good. Sure, it may take nine times just to get to it on the tenth. (That’s what the people who look successful from the outside never tell you!) But each of those nine times, you were learning how to do it better. You were refining your skills and your method. You’ve got to praise yourself for that.

And when people look at you, because you’ve actually pulled off something amazing, you can let them know that they can do it, too! Because you know the secret that there’s nothing special what you did. You just gave it a try. What is special is that you remembered, throughout it all, that you were amazing.  

And helping other people to remember that, too, about themselves, is the greatest gift you can give them.