Look after your gear and it will look after YOU!

A guide to getting the most from your Skinny Outdoor Trousers


We are the go-getters, the misfits, the dreamers and the doers. We are inspired by adventure, exploration, challenge and triumph.   At the end of each mud streaked, wind swept day, we return home mentally and physically exhausted to face one thing…washing!!


Washing is most probably the antithesis to adventure, and yet it is something we must all face in order to prepare ourselves for our next challenge - even more so if we want to complete that challenge in our Outdoor Trousers. For like everything in life, their strength, responsiveness and performance depends entirely on the care and attention you lavish upon them!


Our List of Pioneer Do’s


  • Wash your trousers at moderate 30 degrees
  • Cast aside your fabric conditioner. It may smell like oriental lilies but it damages the performance of the DWR (Durable Repellent Finish).
  • Use Water Repellent Liquid inside the drum every time you wash your trousers or every 2 – 5 washes. We like Granger’s full Clothing Care Kit or Wash and Repel Liquid as it gives your gear the full care from thorough cleaning to restoring and maintaing water repellency.
  • After washing, activate the DWR with heat by either drying your trousers on the radiator, ironing your trousers inside out (if you do indeed own an iron!) or tumble dry on a LOW temperature.
  • Just like squats, routine heat activation is a great habit to get into! It maintains the water repellent features of the trousers so even if you don’t wash them, treat them to a reverse side iron or pop them onto a warm radiator every now and then.

Protect your gear with Grangers Clothing Care Kit

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